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Reservation, Prices & Booking - Sangalaki Dive Lodge

We are currently implementing an online booking system which will allow you to choose and reserve your own room via the internet. In the meantime, you may book via email directly with our reservations staff.

All rates quoted are in US Dollars (US$). Because of the regular exchange fluctuations, please check with us for current rates. However, when a deposit has been paid, we guarantee not to change the prices.

Spacious newly built chalet on the beach with hot Shower, WC & Aircon
Package price
Price per person per night based on twin/double sharing.
Includes 3 dives around Sangalaki & 3 meals
(except on arrival & departure days, when time will dictate dives & meals.)
Non Diver: Price per day
Child 6-11 sharing same room: Price per day
Child under 5 sharing same room: Price per day
A la carte Rate
Diver: Price per night plus Price per dive
Snorkeler: Price per night plus Price per boat trip
7 night package Price includes 1 trip to Kakaban/Samama
10 night package Price includes 2 trips to Kakaban/Samama
(The inclusive trips to Kakaban & Samama are weather permitting. No refunds available)

Recently renovated chalet on the beach with hot Shower, WC & ceiling Fan.
Price per person per night based on twin/double sharing.
Includes 3 dives around Sangalaki & 3 meals
(except on arrival & departure days, when time will dictate dives & meals.)
Non Diver: Price per day
Children sharing a room: NOT an option.
A la carte Rate
Diver: Price per night plus Price per dive
Snorkeler: Price per night plus Price per boat trip
7 night package Price includes 1 trip to Kakaban/Samama
10 night package Price includes 2 trips to Kakaban/Samama
(The inclusive trips to Kakaban & Samama are weather permitting. No refunds available)

Single supplement plus 50% unless willing to share!
Kakaban/Samama Price for package guests & Price for ALC guests
Maratua Price for package guests & Price for ALC guests
4th dive or Night Dive Price for package guests & Price for ALC guests
Berau-Sangalaki return Boat transfer = Price per person
Tarakan-Sangalaki return Boat transfer (upto 10 pax) = Price for boat
Balikpapan-Berau return Flight package = Price per person
Tarakan-Berau return Flight Package = Price

You are welcome to bring your own drinks to the Island. But as we have our own bar, we reserve the right to charge ‘corkage’ at the following rate for drinks consumed in the Bar/Dining Hall:
Beers/Soft Drinks $1 each
Wines $5 per bottle
Spirits $10 per bottle
Special exemptions by pre-arrangement only.

Exclusive Island Charter:
Just Price per day including full board & upto 3 dives per day for upto 18 people!


Reservations, Confirmations and Payment
1. All bookings to be made either by, Mail , Fax, or E- mail,
(On line bookings will be available in the near future)

2. All bookings will be on a "first come first serve basis"

3. A 25% deposit of the total calculated tour fee, to be paid to confirmation the booking. The following information must be furnished
a. Nationality, Passport No, Gender.
b. Divers Certification a level
c. Time period between last dive
d. Travelling as couple or single, flight schedule details
e. Transfers and Hotel accommodation on route within Indonesia or Sabah.
f. Additional tours that we can arrange on your behalf.
g. Any dive equipment needed to hire

4. All bookings and blocked-booked spaces will be open to resale until the 25% deposit is paid. All persons, who initiated the bookings or the blocked booking, will be informed and given right of first refusal, if there is an outside request for the spaces.

1. Reservations must be fully confirmed within thirty (30) days prior to the tour date and the total balance due to be settled. Failure to comply could result in the cancellation of your spaces without notice and without refund.

1. Payments can be made by, Bank Draft or Telex Transfer (TT)
We will advise bank details.
(Online payments will be made available in the near future)
If by Bank Draft please inform us of the date sent and method of delivery
If by TT transfer, please inform date, the bank you used. The names of the
pax and the trip date, that the payment is for. Please also fax copies of any bank payment slip.

Cancellations and Unused Services
In the event that there should be a cancellation the following charges shall apply
a. Confirmation date to thirty (30) days before arrival in Tarakan or Berau 25% of the total trip price forfeited.
b. Twenty nine (29) days to Fifteen (15) days before arrival in Tarakan or Berau, 50% of the total trip price forfeited
c. Fourteen (14) days to the trip date, 75% of the total trip price forfeited.
d. "No Show" 100% of the total trip price forfeited
e. Unused portions of the trip are not refundable

Sangalaki Dive Lodge. (Hereinafter called the "Company") acts only as agent for hotels, airlines, side tours, transport companies, or other services.
All receipts, cash bills, vouchers, debit notes, tickets and/ or itineraries issued by "the Company" are subject to follow all tariff's terms and conditions provided by such hotels, transportation companies, airlines or tour companies. And by the acceptance of such documents, the tour member(s) and / or tour companies agree to the forgoing and also agree that neither "the Company" nor any subsidiary or affiliate company shall be or become liable or responsible for any loss, injury or damage to person, property or otherwise whether due to its or their negligence or otherwise in connection with any accommodation, transportation or other service or resulting, directly or indirectly, from acts of God, dangerous incidents to the sea, fire, breakdown in machinery or equipment, acts of governments or other authorities, de jure or de facto, wars whether declared or not, hostilities, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, theft, pilferage, epidemics, quarantines, medical or customs, regulations, delays or cancellations of or changes in itinerary or schedules, or from any cause beyond "the Company's" control, or for any loss or damage resulting from improper or insufficient passport, visa or other documents, and that neither "the Company" nor any subsidiary or affiliate company shall be or become liable or responsible for any additional expense or liability sustained or incurred by the tour member and / or tour company as a result of any of the foregoing clauses.
"The Company" reserves the right to alter, amend or cancel any of the arrangement contained in the itineraries..

What prices include
Beach cottages accommodation (twin sharing basis), full daily buffet breakfast, Lunch & Dinner & upto 3 boat dives daily on Sangalaki Island except on arrival & departure dates due to time permitting.
Other snacks & drinks can be ordered & purchased from the Cash Bar.

Extra Excursions:
Excursions to Maratua, Kakaban, & Samama are to paid in cash on the Island.

Accommodations are in Beach Cottages (on double/twin share basis) made from Local materials depicting the Indonesian style. The Chalets are equipped with 1 double/2 single beds which includes bedding with towels, ceiling fans, electrical lights, a wardrobe, dressing table (with mirror), power points (220v, 2 pin), chairs and attached bathroom and hot water shower. Aircon is available in the ‘Euro’ Chalets only.
A large dining hall/bar is used for all meals and socializing/gatherings. All day snacks, soft drinks, beers, spirits & Cocktails can be purchased at the bar.

We insist that all guests on Sangalaki carry their own Insurance to cover unforeseen accidents, including Personal Accident, Evacuation & Recompression Chamber costs.

Two fully equipped custom-built dive boats to ferry the divers to all the dive sites. Both boats are fitted with twin outboard engines. These boats can get you to any of the dive sites in less than 10 minutes. For Kakaban and Samama Islands, the time taken is 30-60 minutes depending on weather and sea conditions.
A professional Divemaster / Instructor acompanies all dive boats.

Two units of 110KVA generators that supply the resort with 220-volt AC power, electrical sockets are available in the cottages and in the dive station for charging of rechargeable batteries. 110-volt charging facilities are also available at the dive.

Diving Equipment
New Coltri Two units of 9 cfm compressors, weights and weight belts, tanks with yoke-valves, Aqualung Regulators, 3mm wetsuits, BCDs, fresh water dip tanks for cameras and regulators. Complete sets of diving equipment available for rental.

Type of Diving
All dives are conducted by boats (except for the Jellyfish Lake). There are 11 identified dive sites, each site relating to a specific feature in that area on Sangalaki. Dive depth ranges from 3metres/10ft to 30metres/100ft maximum depth.
All dives on the walls of Kakaban Island are drift dives with a maximum depth of 35metres/120ft. Samama Island has the maximum depth of 18metres/60ft. Water temperature in the region varies from a minimum of 27C to 29C. During all drift dives, dive boats will follow within safe distance of divers bubbles.
We recommend that for 2 dives each day, divers use Nitrox, to reduce the amount of residual nitrogen in your body.

Conditions for Diving
Diver Training
All divers will be required to show proof of divers certification from an internationally recognized Diver Training Agency upon arrival or they will not be allowed to dive without first taking a dive course. Sangalaki Dive Lodge, also reserves the right to require a Scuba Skills Refresher Course for any diver who cannot provide proof of diving in the last 12 months and / or exhibits uncertainty in their skills. Logbooks are highly recommended.
We also recommend that all divers carry personal accident & evacuation insurance for the duration of their stay (details available from the "diving & courses" page).

Buddy System and Depth Limitation
A buddy must accompany all divers, solo diving is not allowed. Maximum depth will be limited to 40metres/130ft. Divers will take full responsibility for monitoring their air and their decompression.

Safety Sausage
It is mandatory that all divers carry a Safety Sausage on their person during all dives. For those who don't own a Safety Sausage, SDL have Safety Sausages for purchase or hire.

Dive Computers
We strongly recommend divers to dive with a computer. If you don’t have one, we rent Suunto Gekkos for just Price per day.

Surface Intervals
For safety measures, a mandatory of a minimum of 60 minutes surface interval is required before the next consecutive dive, regardless whether you are diving by a computer or by tables.
Note: It is a divers own responsibility to calculate accurately their repetitive dives if using recognized dive tables, the monitoring of dive computers is also the responsibility of those divers using dive computers.
Advice: Divers can consult Instructor / Divemaster if they have any problem with this.

Night Diving
To night dive, a diver must show proof of night diving, cavern or wreck diving (with penetration) in the form of certification cards or logged dives. Documentation of such dives if no logbook is a available. Non night dive certified or divers with no experience in night diving, who wish to night dive would be required to take an introduction or certification course in night diving at an additional cost. Night Divers must exit the water by 9:00pm.

Safety Stop
It is mandatory for all divers to complete a minimum 3-min safety stop, at no less than 10 fsw (3 meter's) prior to surfacing from all dives.

A full 12-hour surface interval is required between each day diving. For this reason, divers are to make sure that their last dive of the day coincides with the first dive of the next day.

Flying After Diving
The latest recommendations from DAN Asia-Pacific, Training Agencies, etc, indicate that you should wait a minimum of 18 hours and sometimes up to 24 hours after diving before you fly. However, SDL recognizes people, agencies and even computers and tables differ on this. If you choose to dive on the day you depart and fly, AGAINST OUR ADVICE, you will be required to sign a separate Liability/Release Form (Waiver) to do this, however, you will only be able to do one SHALLOW dive. After multi-day diving, a single dive on the day you fly WILL NOT be permitted for your own safety!

Final Discretion
SDL reserves the final discretion on who may or may not do any type of diving we offer, based on a diver's shown abilities, experience, etc., we reserve the right to stop this person from diving.

2017 Sangalaki Dive Lodge, Berau, East Kalimantan, Indonesia.